We are excited to announce we have added six EliteForm PowerTrackers to our power racks!
In our opinion EliteForm has developed the most complete monitoring and data collecting/storing system available today! With this system every rep and session is maximized, competeition is raised and its no longer just about how much you lift but how explosively you do it... Also with this system every rep is recorded and technique can be coached right on the spot with visual reference. We can also give immediate feedback to our athletes specific to their bar velocity as well as power outputs along with historical data. As coaches it gives us a wealth of valuable information, including how each athlete is recovering and adapting. 
This is a tool that we have been dreaming of bringing to SSP for awhile, now it is finally here!

Simoneau Sports Performance is committed to:
- Maximizing the potential of the athletes we train
- Achieving measurable results
- Creating a competitive environment
- Teaching proper technique
- Coaching every detail
- Being a positive influence in athletes lives

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