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Every athlete is looking to improve their speed and explosiveness on the field. Unfortunately, there is an ample amount of misinformation that athletes have to sort through. After years of training as athletes as well as years of coaching athletes, we at Simoneau Sports Performance know what really works. 


If you want to take your speed to the next level, it is critical that you spend time developing in each one of the following areas: 

1. Relative Strength - Relative Strength, in simplest terms, is how strong an individual is in relationship to their body weight. A simple example involves a150lb athlete whose initial back squat is150lbs.  With consistent training, they improve their back squat to 250 lbs, with a minimal increase in bodyweight, there is a very high chance the athlete will now run faster and jump higher. Another avenue to improve relative strength is by improving body composition through optimal eating habits. 

2. Efficiency Of Movement – An athlete’s sprint technique is a common area of weakness. Regularly working arm mechanics as well as acceleration and max velocity mechanics is vital to improving game speed. 

3. Mobility/Flexibility - Many athletes in today's age suffer from sitting too much and constantly being on their phones, tablets, and/or computers. The total time spent in poor posture needs to be addressed by participating in mobility and stability improving exercises and movements that maximize posture and improve structural balance. These exercises  help improve stride length as well as force production. Additionally, they will have a postive impact on long-term health. Common areas of poor mobility are at the hip, ankle, and shoulder. 

4. Speed Strength Exercise - As an athlete’s general strength begins to improve to levels of 1.5x bodyweight in the back squat, the focus can start to shift to improving rate of force development. The four main training strategies we use to develop rate of force development are plyometrics, Olympic lifts, medicine ball throws as well as implementing velocity based training with our EliteForm PowerTrackers. 

5. High Velocity Sprinting and Agility – Playing faster starts with the maximization of your ability on the field learned through consistent training and practice. You must learn to practice fast, train fast in order to play fast!

At SSP, we believe that there are no quick fixes to becoming your best. Consistency in all 5 areas over time will prove to give you the best long lasting results. 

At Simoneau Sports Performance, we offer two programs to our athletes. The first is our SPORTS PERFORMANCE program. In this program, we work on all 5 areas listed above including strength training, which improves relative and maximal strength. Our second program SPEED
 DEVELOPMENT includes everything listed above except weight training. This training session is geared towards athletes who already resistance train at their high school.  

Key Area's of SPEED

1. Max Velocity Sprinting Mechanics 

2. Targeted Mobility/Flexibility Work

3. Improve Reactivity via Plyometric & High Velocity Movement 

4. Acceleration Mechanics 

5. Resisted Speed Work  (Sleds, Hill Training, Contrast Method)

6. Agility (Slowed Down Technical Work, Predetermined Patterns, Reaction Drills, Game Speed Situations)

7. Rate Of Force Development (Medicine Ball, Plyometrics, Speed Work) 

Have questions please contact us at info@simoneausportsperformance.com or Download our app (Simoneau Sports Performance)  to  view our schedule and get signed up for our next SPORTS PERFORMANCE Or SPEED
 DEVELOPMENT Training Session!